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November 28, 2014

If you are looking for direct email contact information, you will find nothing better than our lists. We have, simply stated, the best, biggest, most complete direct email database anywhere, at any price. When you are sending out marketing materials, there is little point in directing them to generic addresses. You want to reach the right person at the right company, and since you don’t have time to waste, you want to be sure of getting it right the first time. We can provide you with thousands of email addresses that have been thoroughly verified and found to be up-to-date and reliable. We are constantly re-checking our contact information to be sure that it is current, and you will not find any bad emails or duplicates on our lists. You’ll be getting your information to top-level decision-makers in exactly the companies you need to target your marketing toward. Also, you will find no blank entries on any of our email lists. You’ll get not only thoroughly verified emails.


There are a lot of companies that represent themselves as providing quality lists, but much of the time the lists are not updated regularly, if at all. There is little point in purchasing a list if it’s outdated practically before you even have a chance to use it. We guarantee that our listings will be unique, thorough, and current. If you want a list that can genuinely help you to grow your business by targeting the right people the first time, all the time, every time, then you should choose Canfitt. There is no better email contact database available, and we are confident that you’ll be more than happy with our affordable service.

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