Email Campaign Services

November 30, 2014

Email marketing is a great way to get your message to clients, partners, and prospects. Whatever size of your business is we will help you boost up your business and customer base with our affordable email campaign service. We will help you make effective use of email campaign service to announce a new site launch, promote a new product or service, send a survey, or a periodic newsletter.

Your customer base is your most powerful asset, but you need to be able to market to them cost effectively. Canfitt is a cost effective way for you to grow your customer base and market to your customer base. Based on objectives of the client we design an umbrella strategy with complete tactical marketing plan to increase leads, sales within a realistic timeframe to achieve these objectives.

Email campaign implementation and management: Successful email campaign begins with strategy. Our team has the experience to craft targeted campaigns, each with a measurable goal in mind.

Email campaign service includes:

      We will send emails on your behalf to your Customers.
      You will provide us the written email to be sent.
      We will design email template to match your existing online or offline brand.
      We will forward you the refined leads generated from campaign.
      You will entertain these leads for further communication with them.

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