Businesses increase budgets for email marketing campaigns

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It is no secret that email marketing is still one of the best ways to stay in touch with customers and promote new products. When crafting the perfect campaign, marketing strategists do whatever they can to keep customers interested and engaged. This means that marketers analyze the elements of successful past campaigns down to every detail, determining which emails resulted in clicks back to landing pages, which opt-ins were most effective to get new subscribers and which messages ultimately led to the most converted customers.

Where is the increased expenditure going?
Taking all of this data into account can be a tedious process requiring time and resources, which is why more companies are beefing up digital marketing budgets for the new year. According to Marketing Profs, an ExactTarget study recently revealed that 98 percent of marketers intend to increase or maintain their online expenditure in an effort to build larger email marketing lists and convert more visitors into paying customers. With more money going into these initiatives, what will strategists be doing to get the most out of their marketing dollar?

Among the top digital marketing priorities the report detailed for 2014 were data and analytics, marketing automation, social media marketing and content management. In addition, 58 percent of decision-makers said that they would be increasing their email marketing budgets. Marketing Profs also noted that close to half of strategists will seek to drive increased conversion rates and increase brand awareness among new site visitors. With well-timed, personal messages, email is without a doubt a great way to do both of these things.

Email marketing remains a top priority for strategists
With most marketers putting more resources into email marketing this year, business leaders are feeling confident that the method brings real results. Marketing Profs mentioned that 68 percent of marketers stated that email is a core element of their business while 88 percent believed that it produces returns on investment. Despite a great deal of industry focus on social media platforms, the survey revealed that only 34 percent of marketers using social tools have seen significant ROI for their efforts.

While Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are crucial elements in any successful digital marketing campaign, businesses need to remember that social media platforms should not be a primary focus in light of data regarding email marketing. Campaigns that lean too heavy on social are prone to missing opportunities to segment their audiences and provide personal details in messages that will drive traffic back to company websites. Social media can get people excited about brands but do not convert as many visitors as email.

Understanding where, when and how people are using email
Marketers know that nearly everybody has an email address, but uncovering more information about the details of consumer email use can be the difference between a successful campaign and a flop. Marketing Profs revealed that mobile platforms are quickly becoming the standard way that people check email. 41 percent of survey respondents said that 31 to 50 percent of their email subscribers use mobile devices to open their messages, which should convince marketers that formatting for smartphones and tablets is a key part of any strategy.

Mobile Marketing Watch recently provided an infographic exploring the details of consumer email habits. Unsurprisingly, 61 percent of email users open their messages on mobile devices such as iPhones, Android-based phones and tablets. Desktop and web browser platforms seem to be fading away as consumers use them at rates of 17 and 22 percent respectively. Smart marketing strategists will make efforts to optimize their email campaigns for mobile in the years to come.

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On June 25, 2020

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